What the Hack?!

About this workshop

Introductory workshop in the context of which participants become acquainted with: (a) digital archives and repositories, (b) open content licenses, and (c) some examples of creative reuses of digital cultural heritage materials. In addition, with the use of image processing programmes and tools, they can create their own derivative artworks.

Length3 hours
LanguageGreek or English

What you will learn

  • What is open access and open (cultural) content.
  • Which are the possibilities of open access to cultural works.
  • Some main cultural heritage websites and platforms, and their basic functionalities.
  • What are the Creative Commons licenses and the Rights Statements.
  • What is an original and a derivative cultural work.
  • Some examples and good practices of creative reuses of open content.
  • Some online image processing tools to create your own derivative works during the workshop.
  • How to cite open content when reusing it.
  • How to license and cite your original or derivative work under a Creative Commons license.


All those (ages 18+) who are digital culture enthusiasts, and want to express their creativity.


Basic computer and internet skills. Basic knowledge of English language.


Participants will have to use their own laptops.

Meet the Facilitator

Revekka Kefalea

Inspirer and Curator of GLAM Hack


Is this workshop offered online or offline?

This workshop is designed to be implemented offline (in a physical space).

We would love to offer this workshop online in the near future, and this is why we are currently exploring alternative possibilities to do so in ways that will be both interactive and qualitative.

Can I participate in this workshop?

Yes, if you are a digital culture enthusiast, and want to express your creativity.

This is an introductory workshop, and anyone (ages 18+) can participate actively in it, if she/he has basic computer and internet skills, basic knowledge of English language, and a keen interest to learn something new.

Do I have to pay to participate in this workshop?

It depends on the implementation costs each time.

We want and -with the help and support of our network members– try to offer all our events free of charge. However, due to restrictions in resources, this isn’t always possible.

GLAM Hack is an informal, voluntary, and self-funded initiative. So, depending on the implementation costs each time, we might ask you to pay a small fee in order to participate in this workshop.

This fee will be given as a donation to the civic not-for-profit organisation Inter Alia, which hosts this initiative, and will be used just to cover the implementation costs.

I am an organisation and want to host this GLAM Hack workshop. Is this possible?

Yes, of course. Contact us, and together we’ll figure out how to make this happen. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Can this workshop be customised?

Yes, this workshop can be customised, based on a specific theme, a digital cultural heritage collection, or aggregation platform.

Want to participate in this workshop?