GLAM Hack believes in the “usefulness of useless knowledge”.

Our Vision

Humanities and social sciences have never enjoyed a privileged position as a source of knowledge. And it seems that nowadays, this perception of them as being useless has been cemented. However, GLAM Hack believes in the “usefulness of useless knowledge”. Because, by obtaining sociological or political knowledge, we cultivate and improve our critical thinking skills and consequently, we make better decisions that can contribute to the solution of social problems. Also, we acquire a better understanding of how society works and how it can be changed in ways that promote social equality and cohesion. Therefore, we become more responsible persons and citizens, motivated to take action. GLAM Hack envisions such a knowledgeable society and has decided to contribute to its enhancement, through the current technological and other transformations in the cultural heritage sector.

Our Mission

GLAM Hack’s main mission is to:

  • Promote open access to culture; and 
  • Contribute to the democratization of knowledge through the research, educational & creative possibilities offered by open access.

After all, it is culture and knowledge that make us who we are. They are a constitutive element of our being, and not luxurious services to be enjoyed by the privileged ones during leisure time.

Our Goals

GLAM Hack aims to: 

  • Help the public become acquainted with websites and aggregation platforms of cultural heritage, as well as with their basic functionalities;
  • Contribute to the expression of creativity through the reuse and remix of open digital cultural content; and
  • Help internet users cultivate and improve their digital skills in order to participate actively in the (trans)formation of culture.