GLAM Hack Exhibitions are temporary public installations of selected artworks (created by the participants of GLAM Hack Workshops and Contests), held in unorthodox art spaces.

Find out more information about all our upcoming and past exhibitions in the sections below. Information regarding all our upcoming and past events can be found on the calendar.

Upcoming Exhibitions

COVID-19 Update (March – September 2020): In the context of the protective measures against coronavirus, we couldn’t organise any physical activities during the previous months. We could organise activities online, since we are very comfortable with the digital shift. But we decided not to do so, because we wanted to know our audiences better, and design our new and upcoming events accordingly. In addition, taking into consideration the restrictions of the digital realm, we wanted to explore alternative possibilities to offer our activities online in both interactive and qualitative ways. In any case, apart from working passionately from home, we are monitoring the situation closely, and we’ll come back to you really soon.

Past Exhibitions

Delicate as the clouds: Artistic comments on Democracy

Daniil Terletskyy


GLAM Hack Exhibition Wall

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