Ideas for initiatives pop-up out of somewhere. And so did the ideas for GLAM Hack.

The Idea for GLAM Hack

The idea for GLAM Hack popped up while participating in the Local Support Group meetings (LSGs) of the ‘Sharing Ideas for Social Innovation’ (SI4SI) project, that were hosted by Inter Alia in Athens (Greece), from December 2017 to April 2018. In the context of these LSGs, we worked on a Business Model Canvas assignment inspired by e-volunteering, and managed to develop further a business idea regarding the communication of the social sciences to the public through an e-exhibition / curatorial platform.* GLAM Hack is a small part of this business idea, but a big step towards its accomplishment.

*A short summary of this business idea and model is included in the Catalogue of Good Practices of the SI4SI project.

The Idea for GLAM Hack Exhibitions

The idea for GLAM Hack Exhibitions popped up while reflecting on our participation in the ‘Visual Arts’ workshop of the Erasmus+ KA1 Training Course: ‘SALAAM: Preventing the rise of radicalism and islamophobia through art’, which took place in Palermo (Italy), in June 2017.* In the context of this workshop, we collaborated with other participants in order to organise and curate a photographic exhibition-campaign as a means to communicate a message against radicalisation and islamophobia. This photographic exhibition-campaign was prepared with basic means and materials (a photographic camera, plain papers and markers, the participants of the workshop as models), helping us to realise that something meaningful and influential can be created almost out of nothing.

*Read about the participation in the SALAAM project here.