A series of events on the creative reuses of digital cultural heritage.

Helping people participate actively in the (trans)formation of culture, one event at a time.

What the hack?!

GLAM is an acronym for Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums, and it is used to describe the cultural heritage sector as a whole.

GLAMs are collecting, preserving, researching and exhibiting cultural heritage materials, and currently, they are gradually digitising their collections to provide open access to culture and knowledge to all.

Under certain terms and conditions, open access provides us with free and perpetual permission to reuse and remix this digitised content, and to create our own new cultural works. In other words, it gives us the ability to “hack” the GLAMs!

How the hack?!

Well, GLAM Hack helps people understand how to, and “hack” the GLAMs through a series of workshops, contests, exhibitions, breakfast lectures, and movie nights, as well as through Wikimedia-related and other custom events.

Also, GLAM Hack combines both analogue and digital activities. For example, participants of our workshops and contests can see their own artworks exhibited on GLAM Hack’s website, as well as in unorthodox cultural spaces in Athens (Greece) and elsewhere.

Why the hack?!

Because GLAM Hack believes in the “usefulness of useless knowledge”. After all, it is culture and knowledge that make us who we are. They are a constitutive element of our being, and not luxurious services to be enjoyed by the privileged ones during leisure time.

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